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How we clean

How We Clean

Professional Carpet Cleaners to St Albans, Watford and Surrounding Areas

We offer a professional, great value carpet cleaner service to your home or business throughout the St Albans and Watford area.

  • We use high quality equipment and cleaning solutions to give you strikingly cleaner carpets
  • Our powerful van mounted carpet cleaner, specially imported from the U.S.A, gives a high quality clean. We also use a high powered portable carpet cleaner. Our machines thoroughly rinse the carpet pile, removing all detergent so that carpets cleaned by us do not re soil quickly
  • Our machines and professional cleaning solutions are far superior to any carpet cleaner machine you can hire or the chemicals supplied with it
  • Our staff are professionally trained by the National Carpet Cleaners Association to provide an 8 step cleaning programme to give you a cleaner carpet.

Your 8 Steps to a Cleaner Carpet

1. Careful Inspection & Testing

We test for:

  • colour fastness
  • colour bleed on patterned carpets
  • what fibres are used to make the carpet to help select the correct cleaning solutions

2. Professional Stain Treatment

We treat stains with specialized professional stain removers. We can’t guarantee to remove all stains but our customers are often amazed at what we can shift!

3. Pre-Treatment for Deep Cleaning

We use a specially formulated cleaning solution to dissolve greasy soils on well used areas and highly soiled areas to break down soilage and dirt.

4. Machine Pre-Clean

If the carpet is badly soiled, we use a machine with a brush to work the pre-spray into carpet fibres and to aid break down of soilage.

5. Low Moisture Cleaning

An option for your commercial premises

7. Powerful Air Drying

If needed, we have a powerful air dryer that aids the drying of your carpet.

6. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

We use our powerful cleaning machine to remove the dirt and cleaning solutions. We add a fresh smelling odoriser to our cleaning machine to leave your carpet smelling fresher as well as cleaner!

8. Pile Realignment

We use a brush to straighten up the pile  and leave the pile aligned. Overall we leave your carpet looking great!